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Hey folks!
This is just a quick one to let you know a couple of things...

1. Am doing a gig at The Basement in Nashville this Tues night at 7.15pm!
It's FREE to get in and I'll be performing with the full electric band...
I'm really lookin forward to this.. I just came from a rehearsal and the boys
are sounding great!
I can't wait to crank the volume to eleven and get back in the electric saddle
again.. so to speak.

Here's the address...
1604 8th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
(It's a really small room - so will fill up fast!)

2. I've got some really exciting news comin... probably next week...
I can't spill the beans just yet... but it will involve YOU personally!
So stand by! and put your video camera on charge! (that's all I'm sayin...)
Stay tuned!!!

Thanks again for your support!
Talk soon,

P.S Do you think I've used too many exclamation points in this email ???
I think so.. but was very excited when I wrote it! Can you tell!!!!
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