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Like a Lizard Drinking….
November 26, 2006

Hey guys,
Sorry for not posting sooner - I think this is my slackest ever.. but have been absolutely flat out…
I think I mentioned earlier that I’ve been working with an artist called Donovan Chapman..
Well we had a pretty crazy last couple of weeks..
We went oto LA for a night, then Bakersfield and played at Buck Owens club, then back to LA, then over to Philadelphia, then Gettysburg (where yes John they have an address) and then to Scranton, then back to Nashville…
The gigs went well - and were for the most part fun… Donovan is a good guy and talented which makes doing the gigs easier….

The last gig in Scranton was at a honkytonk club called “The Wild Horse”.. man I haven’t seen that many cowboy hats since the RM Williams show in Tamworth!
We supported Tracey Lawrence (some big American country star) and afterwards I just hang out in the crowd and talked to people… IT was very interesting.. most of the folks were great people - but there were a few that were … um….how do you say REDNECK?? WOW - some of the thinking (or lack there of) that these guys had - was unbelievable!!!! As if they were living 50 yrs ago! and there’s no such thing as equal rights as far as they went! It was actually really shocking!
But - that was just a couple of people, and for the most part everyone was really great! I guess you always get a couple of dickheads no matter where you go….

It was Thanksgiving on Thursday… am still trying to discover exactly what that means - but I think it’s just an excuse to catch up with family and eat an awful lot of Turkey.. so it can’t be all bad.. I actually felt a little homesick that day - first time in a while.

Doing a photo shoot today, so we’ll see what happens there… if any of the shots turn out good - I’ll be sure to post them on the site…

Am back in the studio on Monday - we are getting close! It’s taken heaps longer than I wanted it too, but these things can’t be helped…

I think I’m going to Kansas for another gig on Tuesday night - but not sure yet, otherwise will just be in the studio all week trying to finish these recordings….

Hope everyone is good!

Talk soon,

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