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Hi from Florida
November 12, 2006

Hey folks...
am down in Pensicola Florida playing guitar for another artist.. it was a really great opportunity to see some other parts of the country...

Went to the after party for the CMAs the other night - which was pretty cool... felt like a rockstar hob nobbing with all the big wigs... and then I winged about a $10 cab ride back to my studio apartment - so that bought me back down to earth a little....
Was good though!

Just heard today that Belinda Emmet died.... that’s really sad! She was a really beautiful person.. I wrote a song with her and did some gigs with her a few years back and she was just a really cool chick.... My sympathies go out to Rove and all her family...

Head back to Nashville tomorrow (8hr drive!) then in the studio all day Monday - then fly out Monday nigth to LA to do some guitar work for another artist - Donovan Chapman… then trip from Bakersfield, to Pensylvania to Philadephia then back to Nashville on Friday for another day in the studio working on my thing!
So it’s go go go at the moment... All good though!

Talk soon,


P.S the tunes are coming up really well.. I had a banjo player come in and lay some stuff down on Good Thing Gone on Wednseday.. he was unbelieveable!!!!!!!!
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